Mikobelle is a way to have beautiful hair! If you dream of hair full of shine, strengthened and properly nourished, this conditioner is just for you!

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Features Of Our Product

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External factors not only have a negative effect on health, but also the condition of our hair. Stress, polluted air, improper diet, improperly selected shampoo and some hairdressing treatments lead to the fact that the hair is dull, damaged, weakened and brittle. Everyone dreams of having beautiful and shiny hair like in advertising, but not everyone is so lucky. Hair is one of our attributes and we should make sure that it is our pride and that it looks properly. There are many preparations on the market that can improve the condition of our hair, but not all of them are effective. Recently, Mikobelle conditioner has been very popular, with fantastic results! Mikobelle is an innovative and multifunctional conditioner that is intended for both women and men of all ages. The product effectively improves the condition of the hair and protects it against external factors. Regular use of the preparation gives amazing benefits that last for a long time. The conditioner works against all ailments related to the poor condition of the hair, its brittleness and dryness. Mikobelle is an ideal solution for people who struggle with excessive hair loss, dryness and scalp problems. The product works in a multi-phase way, strengthening and moisturizing the hair. Regularly cared for hair is shiny, non-static, smooth and strong. In addition, the product leaves a protective layer on the hair, thanks to which they are, among others, protected against UV radiation, curling iron, blow dryer and other harmful impurities. Mikobelle helps to detangle the hair and smoothes it. The application of the conditioner is very easy, just apply the product to washed hair and spread it evenly. Keep the conditioner on your head for 5 to 15 minutes, then rinse it with running water. The first effects of using the product will be observed soon. The formula of the conditioner is a natural plant extract and herbal oils that reliably cope with weak and dry hair. The preparation is designed to protect the scalp and take care of the condition of the hair, which will give it its former glow and vitality. Mikobelle conditioner is the perfect solution for every person who dreams of beautiful and shiny hair.

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I am a hairdresser with many years of experience. I often deal with people who cannot cope with their hair, which is dull, dull, dry and weak. I try to help them and recommend them an innovative and unique hair conditioner, which is Mikobelle. The product has a wide spectrum of activity and brings surprising results. The formula of the conditioner consists of natural ingredients of oils and extracts that have been used for years. Often, unfavorable changes in the hair are caused by external factors, such as air pollution, stress, unhealthy diet, improperly selected shampoo or care treatments (straightening, dyeing, etc.). In order to provide the hair with proper care, use an appropriate conditioner such as Mikobelle. The conditioner can be used regardless of age and gender. It is especially recommended for people whose hair is weak and needs proper strengthening. Additionally, it works well with thin and dry hair, as well as in the fight against dandruff and seborrhea. I also recommend Mikobelle to people with healthy hair to protect it and prevent damage. Regular use of the conditioner brings many benefits, among others, it strengthens the hair, adds volume, makes it smooth, reduces hair loss and gives shine. In addition, it prevents split ends and reduces hair breakage. Mikobelle reaches the bulbs and nourishes and strengthens them properly. You can be sure that your hair and skin will be well moisturized and protected against dandruff and seborrhea. I believe that Mikobelle is one of the best conditioners available on the market!

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Kasia 29 age


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My hair was dull and tight to my face. They looked terrible, so I usually pinned them up in a ponytail. My friend recommended Mikobelle to me! It was a bull's eye. The conditioner turned out to be perfect for my hair, which became bouncy, increased its volume and regained lost shine. Now I am more likely to wear loose hair!

Marysia 47 age


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I have always dreamed of my hair looking as beautiful as it is on actresses or models. Unfortunately, I was far from there. Not only was the hair lacking shine, it tended to be brittle and porous. Everything has changed since I started using Mikobelle! My hair regained its natural color, it is properly moisturized and strengthened. The conditioner worked wonders! I am very pleased with its effects!

Magda 32 age


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Mikobelle conditioner is a complex of the best ingredients that perfectly take care of the shape of my hair. Additionally, I got rid of dandruff and other skin changes. I am very satisfied and I would not replace this conditioner with any other. My hair is stronger and more voluminous. I am happy to recommend Mikobelle to my friends!

Ola 36 age


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Mikobelle is a conditioner I got as a gift. I was not convinced about it, but since I started using it, I changed my mind. Hair is beautiful, lush, shiny and well moisturized. I do not have to worry about dandruff and seborrhea. Additionally, the hair is secured and protected against contamination. I recommend Mikobelle!

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- Avocado oil

- Mustard oil

- Turmeric extract